Thursday, September 8, 2016

Progress 12 - Back to faces again

Right now I'm sitting in my garden, using my own laptop for the first time outside. We have a lot of traffic though since we got a detour through the city. I've got some headphones on, so I don't hear a lot of the surroundings anyway.

I'm aware, that my last post is some days ago but covering many interests is kinda hard to manage. Recently I've been applying for a voluntary job as reviewer for an anime site.
Long story short: they liked my review about Assassination Classroom Live Action, which is nice. In the end I got the "job" what makes me really happy. This means, that I'll receive free anime dvds or blu-rays from time to time, that I also can keep. I didn't expect that to begin with, but that's the "payment" - I'm cool with that.

Back to topic: I finally managed to draw a face again and this time I've to say, that I'm pretty satisfied with the resut:

I know, I know, it's still just from the front. The old routine: I want to become confident in that, so it's necessary. But that's more what I'm talking about. I put a lot of effort into the eyes and tried to create a sad expression - I can't deny, I think this is my best piece so far.

I wonder if I should continue that path or try something new, like other angles, maybe a smirky expression from the side or a pretty evil guy, once for the change.

Also I'm aware of that blog not being popular, but if there's anyone that might help me to improve, I'm happy about any given advice.