Monday, July 11, 2016

Coming back after all these years

So .. it has been some time. 17 years to be honest. But I'll begin a bit earlier.

As a kid I watched Saber Rider, Mila Superstar, The Kickers and so on. There was plenty of material, but at that age they're just cartoons. You have no idea, what an anime actually is.
It didn't matter. The only thing that mattered: it was fun to watch.

Later on - in the meantime I was focusing on school, what didn't turn out that well, while watching Dragonball, Z and One Piece - I was introduced to Fullmetal Alchemist.
By that time the internet became faster so I was able to obtain the series in a short period.
Every sunday I'd go for a swim with a friend of mine, but before: 1 Episode of FMA.
I was concerned that it would become boring if I watched episode after episode so that became a habit.Two months after improving my stamina and watching one episode beforehand, I "accidentally" watched another episode that day. I finished the whole series before the following weekend arrived.
Realizing what I had done, I became hungy. Hungry for more FMA, for more anime. That was the point I knew I would treasure this anew discovered world a lot. Later it turned out similarly with Japan in general, but I guess many people found their fascination for that country that way.

That was actually a bad timing because I had lots of trouble at that time. Finished school, no job, just hanging around for a longer period. By the age of 19 I went to the military boot camp (in German: Bundeswehr) what pretty much fucked up my whole worldview.
Sometimes you need to fall in order to rise. That's exactly what happened.
For few months I shut myself in and afterwards my friends didn't recognize me. That's not troubling at all. I don't know if I had recognized myself if I saw that suddenly > 30 Kg lighter person in a mirror. The military did a great job on that, I have to admit.
In combination Scrubs aired at that time, which is my all time favourite show. It helped me realize some things in life and made me question a lot. Mainly anything about myself.

After the boot camp was over I didn't have many perspectives. The plan was to study at a university but my education level wasn't high enough, so .. I decided to not give up.
I didn't want to study anyway, that I had to confess to myself. It wouldn't make me happy.

I guess I had some luck on that one. Thanks to a coincidence I became an intern at a very small company. Making coffee, putting through calls and so on. They told me they didn't need a trainee unless he can make himself indispensable.
Back in the days memes were just about to boom, so we didn't have that catch phrase, but today you would explain my reaction with the "challenge accepted"-meme.
After 6 months ripping my ass off, they began to realize that what I do makes things easier at the office. It wasn't easy for me, that time was filled with self-doubt, not wanting to begin the monday working for such a demanding boss, but: that's life and I had to deal with it.

I signed the contract as a trainee after finishing the internship. I still work there today so .. it wasn't all that bad.

Being in a stable job I suddenly had some time to spare.
I browsed through youtube - we're in the year 2012 now btw - and saw a preview thumbnail of a video that caught my attention. I've heard that this anime is the reason many people started watching anime, so I guess you won't be surprised when I say: Elfen Lied.

Yes! Lucy got me back on track. Lucy in particular was the reason I didn't stop watching anime anymore.

Status quo: I have no idea how much money I've already spent on dvds, figurines and merchandise. That's cool, I treasure all of it a lot.

Now I'm beginning (to document) my new journey with dragin manga characters. Wish me luck!

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