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Hello there and thanks for visiting my blog!

I'm a male German in his 30s and manga or anime have always been part of my ongoing interests.

I started drawing manga characters when I was 15. That's about the time when Pokémon, Digimon & Co. invaded the German TV stations. The interest in drawing was gone after about 6 months and the pictures (let's rather call it scatches..) I drew don't really exist physically anymore. From what I can remember it's for the best. It was really bad.

17 years later I was more into anime than ever. I started organizing the series I watched and planned to watch on myanimelist. Having a free minute here and there I even started reading manga. At this point I realized that there's no real difference between an anime and a manga as long as we're keeping the emotional aspects in focus. I was delighted how a still image was able to create an environment that can give you that fuzzy feeling.

Couple of weeks ago we had the first official Comic Con in Germany. Knowing there was going to be a big dōjinshi exhibition I was pretty excited.
I talked to the artists and was fascinated by how much blood and tears they shed to reach the level they were on. That was heavy stuff. Stuff you'd expect from a 1a-mangaka.
The only difference: they weren't.
They were regular guys (some looked more excentric than others, but in a pleasant way) who started only few years ago how to draw eyes or facial expressions.

So the following conclusion, which appears to fit into anything thinkable, came to me once again: you need to know the basics and then you have to draw and draw and draw. Followed by more drawing. After that: you get the idea.

That encounter reminded me of the 15 year old boy I was once. And that I just took a big pause from what I've started once.

I love anything about anime. Wether it's the way of transporting a feeling you could never get watching a regular series, the sense of humor or the cultural aspects that unite the most animes existing. Not to mention the visuals.

My goal is not to become a mangaka or to publish dōjinshi. Here in Germany the topics anime and manga are still a niche. You can watch as is grows from year to year, but I don't see any chance making a living out of it. I'm just talking about myself - I do not inted to say that it's not possible.

What I want to do is to draw an anime-style picture of my wife. By combing the love I feel for each, my wife and anime, that's my ultimate goal.

Until I get there I will post the progress I make.
I'm not a artist, nor am I creative in a higher meaning. I believe that some pictures I will post might be very terrible on some views. Nevertheless: it's about routine.
It's about finding the point you're at and work on it to achieve better results.

Maybe there are some people out there who think "I'd love to start drawing but I can't even draw a circle..". The beginning is always a struggle. And I'm here to share my struggle with you.

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