Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Progress 08 - Missing creativity

Since I didn't practice since few days and I didn't want to go down that road, I decided to try another one freehanded. Trying something different here and there, I wanted to see how objects might come out - in this case a scarf. A kind of a scarf .. something pulled up to the nose in any case. Might look like a kind of a  plastic wrapping..

There are a lot of things that didn't look well imo, but I'll come down to the main point.

In general I think I understand now how the anatomy of the face has to look. That understanding ends pretty much and literally on top - the head. It looks really flat and I didn't figure out by myself yet how to make it look better.

In the end I will make some more tutorials and take a peek into the "How to draw manga" books. Expressions are a point as well. I was trying to draw the eyes with a risen eyebrow but that might be the least problem.

Everybody's rocking Pokemon Go right now and so am I. The bad thing is what many people experience as well is, that there's just no chance using pokestops on the countryside. My village doesn't even count 1K people - it's like a desert.
I have to drive at least 10 minutes to come anywhere near a pokestop or even a arena.

The only chance I get to play a little bit more efficient, ist at work. Guess how much time I'm able to spend on the game - yep, not enough. Not mentioning that the work as such has to be done, so .. my biggest success until now was breeding a Magmar. Pretty neat I gotta admit. It has around 800 WP right how, the rest of the critters is below 600 WP.
No big challenge for others you might say.

I hope they'll add some stops. That won't keep me from running around, but in the evening, after being around 12 hours from home (~9 hours of work, ~3 hours to drive to and return from work) all I can do is beyond my work at home a little bit of workout. In the end it doesn't leave much more free time.
Since we have 12 little critters .. well they have needs too.

I'll stop with the complaining right here, it's actually all fine since I chose it all that way.


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