Friday, August 5, 2016

Progress 09 - Eye routine

Recently I wasn't able to take the time I wanted for drawing since I'm in the middle of some preparations for a couple of birthdays that will be held at our house.
In addition I won't be near any drawing material because a friend of mine's gonna be 30, also he's about to get married. So .. we're about to witness another bachelor party. I have no idea in what state I'll return, but knowing my friends for some decades, it's easy to guess.

I should have taken that next damn monday off. Well, it's too late now and this is one of some rare occasions to celebrate that kind of change in life. We'll be going to Austria, that trip includes a rafting tour - I'm looking forward to it!

Wanting to improve in drawing eyes, I returned to my old routine and I did this:

I'm actually pretty happy with the last one, but it's all another experiment.

The eyes are one of the most important and characteristic parts of a manga face so getting experience with that is very important. I took some google images as template. I simply love the details, you can put into that part of the body, especially regarding still images or, well manga.


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