Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bachelor Party

Returning on sunday evening, I kinda figured out that I'm getting too old for bachelor parties. I still feel every bone in my body. Being 33 actually means, you're not dead yet, but being out until 6 am has been more fun ten years ago. It seems you have to recover the whole next week.
I mad, as I mentioned, the mistake not taking the monday off. Since it wasn't an option in first place, I'm not gonna whine about it any further.

Innsbruck (Austria) is a really lovely city. Small alleys everywhere, filled with small stores, restaurants and a lot of bars. What made worry, were the clubs we visited - they all looked like a two room apartment. Ordering a beer took you to turn around, going to the toilet took you to turn around again - very strange. Since we didn't visit all clubs, there's still hope we just chose the wrong ones.
Still had fun though. The people were open for conversations, but since Innsbruck is a typical tourist spot, we just got to know a few residents.

The austrian dialect is pretty close to the bavarian, which all of the Germans know. Especially for me it's a pretty fun sounding one. I just have a hard time taking the ones serious with that dialect.
They seem to me harmless and cautious. That is why I couldn't take off the grin while we discussed with the bouncer, why we had to get into the club. As he heard that we're on e bachelor party, he let us in, ignoring the fact, he told us a minute ago, that we couldn't enter, because there's already a sausage fest. Well, he was right. I still can't explain, why everybody was just standing there at 5 am, looking at each other, while probably thinking "why am I still here?" - everybody was tired. We had just decided on 1 am to take a look at the night life.

We walked home that morning, because every taxi refused to take us to bed. Under that circumstance 6 Km can be a long walk.

The next day we went off for a rafting tour. After asking the instructor, if being able to breathe is important, while looking like a star fish, I got a little bigger size. Like second skin. Mhh.
5°C are indeed pretty cold. Especially as you realize how the water starts entering all of the small holes in your suit. "Refreshing" is one way to describe it. We all knew what Leonardo DiCabrio went through.
Our sweet, blonde, scottish instructor lady asked us a few time on our way to jump into the water. Knowing she'd pull us back on the boat, we all spent more time in the water.

Going back to the hostel, we repeated yesterday's routine. This time we woke up the next day on 9 am. I'm still happy, I didn't have to drive back by myself.

The region was a gift, there wasn't any way you wouldn't enjoy the fresh air and the view on the Alps.

In parallel I'm working on drawing eyes. There didn't come a lot around so I didn't want to post anything of it yet. I just wish I had more time for that right now. I guess Sunday might be the day.


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