Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Progress 11 - One last eye before I quit

Currently I'm done with eyes solo. There's a lot to learn, but I'd like to keep making progress all over, so what's coming up next is using the experience with eyes on faces again.

So as the last of them for now, I'd like to present the recent one:

I like it, but it looks better the more you move from the monitor. I'll keep on working on details though, since that's one important thing about eyes.

So coming up is another face drawing. I already started it and I'm working on - you've guessed it - the eyes. It's gonna be a saf expression, but until now I didn't use any template or examples from google images. That's one step ahead!

Being ill the last week, I wasn't really able to draw a lot since staying awake seemed to be challenging enough. I'm well again, so the voyage will continue.

At least I observed some images drawn by deviantart-users and the many details in the drawing kinda seemed to make sense now. By that I mean, that I think I got a grip on how it's all done.
That won't help my shaky hands, but the theory is easier to understand now.


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