Friday, July 22, 2016

Progress 07 - Sad attempt

I figured I might try to draw one without any kind of help. So I turned away from the monitors, just in case it might be too tempting to look how this an that looks again.

This mimic is supposed to be a little sad or worried.

I'm OK with the eyebrows and the mouth. I kinda like the hair though. In the beginning it looked a bit crappy but with some details here and there it came out quite nice. I just wish I had left more space to the top. That way I wasn't able to make it look better regarding the perspective.

The eyes were a little experiment. Looking at it right now makes me think I had peanuts on my mind. Because that's exactly what it looks like. The jaw and the eyes didn't come out the way I'd like it.

During the process I became nervous as I somebody was watching me. I repeated to myself that it's only training. Nothing to worry about, nothing can go wrong. And if you don't like any particular part, erase it and do it again.

It's nothing but training - the masterpieces can wait. Ha!


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